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Love God, live longer: new study

People involved in religion and who are married are healthier, physically and mentally happier and live longer than those who are not, according to a US report issued on the eve of the Synod on the family, to be held in Rome from 5-19 October.

In the maelstrom of media coverage on pre-synod debate between cardinals over issues such as communion for Catholics living in irregular relationships, the US report said study after study has also found that religious belief and practice are associated with lower divorce rates, lower levels of teen sexual activity, less abuse of alcohol and drugs, lower levels of many infectious diseases, less juvenile crime and less violent crime,

“The health benefits of marriage are so strong that a married man with heart disease can be expected to live, on average, 1400 days (nearly four years) longer than an unmarried man with a healthy heart,” said Dr Scott Haltzman, a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and human behaviour at Brown University in the US.

“This longer life expectancy is even longer for a married man who has cancer or is 9kg overweight compared with his healthy but unmarried counterpart,” he added. “The advantages for women are similar.”     [Full Story]

Some wise man – or, more likely, a wise woman – the first to observe that “children get colds, men get the flu, and women get on with it”. [More]
Australian Catholic University (ACU) has announced the establishment of the La Salle Academy for Religious Education, responsible for the development, delivery and quality assurance of teaching and research programs in religious education. [More]
Archbishop Anthony Fisher may be the drawcard when he is installed as the ninth Archbishop of Sydney next month, but the night – Wednesday, 12 November – is “for the people of archdiocese”, organisers say. [More]
Ageism in the workplace will die in the face of economic reality, a human resources expert from Notre Dame University said last week on the back of the Age Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan saying it was costing Australia’s economy billions of dollars. [More]
For three years, Kevin and Helen Wagner served as directors of the Emmanuel School of Mission in Rome. Each year they and their co-workers would provide human, spiritual, intellectual and missionary formation for 20 young Catholics from all over the world. [More]
A Spanish bishop who worked as an engineer before becoming first prelate of the Opus Dei movement has been beatified in his native Madrid. [More]
As the Extraordinary Synod on the Family knuckles down to addressing the chall-enges facing the basic unit of global society and the Church’s care for the family unit and its members, there has been enormous speculation across media and social media that it could lead to major changes in Church practice and teaching, especially around issues such as artificial birth control and the reception of communion by Catholics in relationships which are not Church-recognised marriages. [More]
Let it not be said in years to come that the Catholics of this generation turned away from the suffering Christ who identifies with the poor, the outcast, the stranger. [More]
Winning is on the agenda at this time of year but life doesn’t always deliver such positive results from physical effort. [More]
Ukrainian Greek Catholic Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk spoke on the state of Ukraine at St John's College at the University of Sydney on 26 September. [More]
Some see the primary task of the Church as providing lifeboats for those who have been shipwrecked by divorce, writes George Cardinal Pell. But which way should the lifeboats be headed? [More]


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